Armenia Keen to Find Ideal Partners at China International Import Expo Release date:2018-02-24

Many foreign dignitaries have expressed support for China International Import Expo which will open in Shanghai later this year. The following is the transcript of an interview with Robert Harutyunyan, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Armenia.

The international import exposition provides an important opportunity for countries across the world, including Armenia, because China is a key market for Armenian companies, its trade minister said. It provides a golden opportunity for Armenia to showcase its highly competitive products and businesses, and to find suitable partners to promote bilateral ties with the world’s second-largest economy.

“Armenia is a strong competitor in the industrial and service sectors,” he noted. His country will bring the following products to the expo:

Food, processed food, wines and products specially developed for the trade fair. Armenia is well known for its long history of winemaking and food processing. It is recognized as a major food and vegetable producer and exporter in the world. The Armenian government will show the world its remarkable achievements in these areas during the exposition.

The country will exhibit its traditional products -- textiles, clothing and footwear. China is the global leader in textile and apparel production, but the expo will provide Armenian shoemakers with a window to showcase their world-class footwear. They are looking forward to meeting new partners at the event.

The nation will also bring its pharmaceutical products to the expo. Soliciting ideas about pharma-market development is critical for Armenia’s fledgling medicine sector, and many Armenian companies have already implemented Good Manufacturing Practices in their factories.

Armenia is looking forward to fruitful participation in the China International Import Expo and anticipates that the event will serve as the perfect venue for its businesses to find suitable trade partners.