CIIE Offers Opportunity for Mexico to Showcase Development, Ex-Ambassador Says Release date:2018-02-24

China International Import Expo has received praise from politicians and figureheads worldwide. Segio Ley Lopez, former ambassador to China and President for Asia Pacific of Mexican Business Council for Foreign Trade, Investment and Technology, talked up the event in an exclusive interview.

The expo is an excellent initiative and reflects China’s attitude toward opening up to the outside world, Lopez said. For Mexico, this is an excellent opportunity to showcase its development achievements. It is also a timely, healthy and necessary market diversification for Mexican exporters who hope to promote at the show. The event will attract worldwide attention, but Mexican firms have the ability to compete with the rest of the world and show Chinese merchants the perks of products made in the country, he added.

Mexico's Strengths

Mexico is well established in the automotive sector, Lopez continued. It has a complete industry system with highly sophisticated production lines. In terms of manufacturing, some cars and parts have been sold to China, but there are still areas that Chinese dealers are yet to discover.

Household appliances, such as ovens, refrigerators and washing machines are in a similar spot, he added. Lopez believes the expo will grant Mexico’s household goods the opportunity to enter the Chinese market.

Mexico is also an important agricultural country, Lopez said, adding that its producers are interested in getting their goods into China.

New Opportunities

Lopez sees the expo as a rare opportunity for Mexican exporters to enter China and learn more about other importers from around the world. The foreign trade council and Mexican government will work hard to make the country as influential as possible at the expo so buyers visiting China will better understand its manufacturing quality.